Going Small

by Bob Turner on December 15, 2022

There is a pattern in the life of Jesus. He goes small. The larger the group, the less critical to his mission. He feeds multitudes, heals crowds, appears to 500 (1 Cor. 15:6),  equips 70 (Lk. 10), disciples twelve, and  mentors three. Jesus’s most important ministry happens in smallish gatherings. Jesus focuses more on training small communities than on impressing large ones. He is more interested in raising someone else’s interest in the good news than in raising his profile as a public figure.

This can be disturbing, but comforting, news for a church. Church can feel a bit large at times, especially if our main involvement is on Sunday. Some churches thrive in that Sunday-centric model, which can come off like a concert and a Ted Talk. It seems popular. But I’m not sure it’s what Jesus had in mind. Churches need intentional ways of getting people in each other’s lives. Otherwise it’s not a church, it’s just an event.

I’m thrilled that White Station will debut Meet Ups in 2023. A Meet Up is a small gathering that will increase hospitality, fellowship, and prayer. These gatherings are spread out so that we can have a presence in neighborhoods around the city. Meetings will be on the second Sunday of each month, for 60-90 minutes. These can be valuable opportunities to gather, meet, pray, and reach out.

The first Meet Ups will gather on January 8, 2023. A leader will likely reach out to you over the next few weeks to provide information on a Meet Up near you. If you don’t hear anything and want to be added to a group, please reach out to Ministry Coordinator Daphne Logan ( ). These groups will be a tremendous opportunity for this church and city. I hope you’ll attend a Meet Up in 2023.


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