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HST Sunday

Steve Cloer, a new professor at HST, shares his testimony of why he and his family moved to Memphis. The testimony revolves a theological vision of the church as God’s primary instrument to bring healing and redemption to a broken world and a hope that through HST, 500 churches over the next ten years could be strengthened to be churches on mission with God.

Humble Means Simple

We are all visual learners and we are all visually stimulated. Jesus tells us to be careful of how we use our eyes, particularly as we view wealth and possessions. This message helps us consider how we can appreciate what we have without letting our eyes focus on what we lack.

Humble Means Discipline

Our scarcest resource: TIME. We all have the same amount. Each day has 1440 minutes. All of us get the same amount each day. But none of us know how much time we have left. We need to have a disciplined view of time, which considers how a disciple would use time. Our time is shaped by our purpose. Our purpose sets our priorities. Our priorities ensure that we are fully present in the moments that matter most.