Revisiting Humble Means

Our tradition of taking up an offering comes from an early Christian practice of churches sending money back help the poor saints in Jerusalem. In this message, Bob says that the early Christians developed a discipline of giving that informs how we can be disciplined about other practices. None of these is more pressing in 2022 than the need to give our time.

Extreme Makeover

Paul says there are some things that serve as stumbling blocks (such as divisive opinions), while there are other matters that serve for mutual upbuilding (righteous, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit). Our challenge as a church will be to center the things that matter most to God while not giving in to the temptation to force our specific viewpoints on others.

Flip or Flop

Jesus says that the definition of building a house on the rock is hearing his words and putting them into action. But which words? There are around 51 instructions in the Sermon on the Mount. When we practice them we build on the rock.

Fixer Upper

Old churches can be a lot of work. But they are worth it. How can believers fix up the church? We do it when we use our words, gifts, and habits to build up the body.

This Old House

The church is not a building; it is people. But the people must come together to be built up into what God imagines the church should be. This message considers how an old house like the church can be reinvigorated in the new year.

He Will Be Called Messiah

Everybody is waiting for the Messiah. But what do they do while they wait? In this message, Bob reminds us that ministry is what we do while we wait. We dedicate ourselves to acts of service, spiritual disciplines, and quiet ways of ushering in the kingdom, while we anticipate the return of the Lord.

He Will Be Called A Nazorean

Jesus is from Nazareth, a town with a poor reputation. So why does Matthew emphasize this aspect of Jesus's life? In this message, Bob suggests that Jesus's humble upbringing is not a distraction to his ministry, but instead the preparation for it.

He Will Be Called Jesus

41 men’s names are listed in the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew. It turns out none of them are actually related to Jesus. Because of the faith of one man, Jesus became part of the family. And because of one man’s faithfulness, we became part of the family too.

Come to the Waters

Isaiah invites Israel to renew its covenant with the Lord by returning to the waters. The waters are where God sustains and provides hope. In a culture that is tempted to ally itself with unhealthy political allies and to compromise its faith, Israel receives an offer to repair the covenant. In this message, Bob extends that offer to today's church.

After the Wait

We are told to have gratitude. But where does it come from? Isaiah says that God waits for a time to show grace to us, and when that time comes we experience an abundance. God's abundance makes us grateful for God's grace. And that grace must be shown to others as we sit around our tables during Thanksgiving.