Recent figures indicate that 36% of Americans struggle with deep loneliness, while the number goes up to 61% for those 18-25. This message shows how the formation of community is central to God's creative purposes in the world and to the nature of the gospel.

The Bible tells us to be mercifull. But mercy can be really difficult to show, since mercy is not contrasted with hate or greed. Instead, mercy is contrasted with things that normally sound good, like righteous acts, judgment (justice), and sacrifice.

Life is about choices. And one of the choices a disciple must make is to deny themselves. But this isn't just about suffering for no good reason. Instead, Jesus teaches us to deny ourselves in hopes of gaining something better in the end.


The resurrection of Jesus brings newness of life to the believer. This newness means that the Christian can start living eternal life by putting off the old self. In this message, Bob discusses ways that we can walk in newness without being burdened by the old life.


The earliest statements about the historical Jesus make clear not only that he died, but that he was crucified. In 1 Corinithians 1, Paul insists that the crucifixion was not merely a way of killing Jesus, but also a model of how God wants Christians to live. In this message, Bob details the gruesome nature of the crucifixion to help understand the significance of the suffering of Jesus.

Rodney Plunket returns for a conversation with Bob about Mission, Calling, and Preaching, as well as reflection on how his time at White Station has shaped his view of Ministry.

Those rebuilding the wall experience financial hardship during a time of famine. Nehemiah attributes the hardship to an economy where the wealthy prey on the poor. In this message, Bob proposes that an economy rooted in self-interest will always divide the people of God. But practices of sharing and generositiy can bring God's peace.

It only took 52 days to build the wall. Nehemiah relied on the power of God and the unity of the workers. Workers were merchants, goldsmith, politicians, and even a perfume maker. This church and city will be rebuilt when we focus less on our personal gifts and more on the mission that God has put in front of us.

Go Rebuild

Nehemiah's route back to Jerusalem was blessed by God and King Artexerxes. But it wasn't easy. No journey is. There are times in our lives when God says "Go" but obstacles make us rethink our calling. This message reminds us of our highest calling and the way that it motivates us to keep going even when things get difficult.

There is so much for us to learn from Nehemiah’s prayer for Jerusalem. Nehemiah affirmed promises made by God while also recognizing the human side of the covenant. Nehemiah confessed the sins of the system while also maintaining personal responsibility. Nehemiah prays boldly, as should we for our city and our country.